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  • Asian Kitchen Special Asian Kitchen Special
  • general tso chicken 2左宗鸡 general tso chicken 2左宗鸡
  • beef in szechuan style beef in szechuan style
  • chicken lo mein chicken lo mein
  • chicken with broccoli 2西兰花鸡片 chicken with broccoli 2西兰花鸡片
  • cream cheese wonton cream cheese wonton
  • chicken teriyaki chicken teriyaki
  • Fried Meat Dumplings Fried Meat Dumplings
  • Kung Pau Chicken Kung Pau Chicken
  • Orange Chicken Orange Chicken
  • 全家福Happy Family 全家福Happy Family
  • 蒙古牛Mongolian Beef 蒙古牛Mongolian Beef